Upgrades for Amsler STG4000/5000 control units to Pinter Slub

The long-lasting profitable use of existing Amsler slubbing devices is an important aim of Pinter Group.

In this context we are now offering the complete replacement of the STG4000 and STG5000 control units with the Pinter Group electrical cabinet, including servomotors, drivers, UPS, Serpico CPU board and 7’’ color Touch Screen.

The result will be an upgraded slubbing device named PCAS, made up of Amsler mechanical parts (differential gears and shafts) and new Pinter Group electronics.

PCAS is the acronym of Pinter Caipo Amsler Slub, given because the attachment works with slubbing programs developed with the software of each of the three companies.

The upgrade brings many benefits:

  • The new Serpico CPU is able to read and process Slub programs developed through the Amsler WinPK software.
  • Using the existing differential gear is particularly significant for those customers wishing to keep using the Amsler technology.
  • The customer will have the certainty of receiving After Sales assistance on electronics.
  • Pinter Group will guarantee the availability of original spare parts.
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