EffiMill monitoring system

How to optimize productivity and lower costs with EFFIMILL

The EFFIMILL monitoring system is made up of a hardware part and a software platform called SmartDragon. The hardware consist of sensors, detectors, hygrometers and thermometers that collect data directly from the machines. The SmartDragon software processes all this data and generates useful information to improve the organization in the Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing departments. In order to increase the productivity of a plant, it is necessary to know in detail both the performance of machines and raw materials, as well as the efficiency of the work team. Only a system like EFFIMILL can provide this essential data in real time, allowing to optimize processes.

Quality and Production data in the Cloud

One of the great advantages of the EFFIMILL system is the ease of collecting, processing and matching Quality data with Production Data. All the information coming from the Spinning and Weaving machines can be combined with the results of the quality laboratory tests. The data will be stored in the cloud, and users will be able to access the information from any computer or mobile, or generate personalized reports to be printed out.

The system will collect data from Blow room, Drawing Frames, Combers, Roving frames, Ring frames, Winding machines, Twister machines, Warpers, Looms, and Circular knitting.

Spinning mills

EffiMill monitoring system for spinning mills.

Weaving mills

EffiMill monitoring system for weaving mills.

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