Slub Tester

Analyze your slub yarn

Slub Tester is the laboratory instrument that analyses slub yarn. Through statistical values and graphics you will be able to:

  • Find out the thickness, length and frequency of slubs.
  • Make comparisons between slub obtained with one same program.
  • Analyze structures of one same slub yarn obtained in different ring frames.
  • Carry out quality tests.


  • High reading speed independent from count, thickness and length effects.
  • Data download to the software for analysis.
  • Capable of analyze any type of count.
  • Possibility of discarding non desired slubs.
  • Possibility of measurements of any portion of yarn on the yarn diagram.
  • Possibility of measuring any length of yarn.
  • Possibility of establishing manually the threshold thickness for the slubs.

Data obtained from the software

  • Mass distribution graphic.
  • Mass diagram of yarn.
  • Length and thickness of each portion of yarn.
  • Normal yarn length distribution.
  • Slub yarn length distribution.
  • Data summary.
  • Percentage of slub and normal yarn.
  • Slubs per meter ratio.
  • Random slub frequency analysis.
  • Average thickness of slub.
  • Theoretical optical thickness of yarn.
  • Report print-outs.
  • Yarn comparison graphic
  • Thin places counter
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