Pearl Yarn

Pearl Yarn by Pinter Group

The Pearl Yarn is obtained by wrapping a yarn or a filament around a strand of fibers, directly on the ring frame.
The  process applied is similar to the one for standard core yarn, with a relevant difference:
the guides installed on the drafting arms are placed in order to generate an intentional de-centering of the yarn/filament.
In this way, the yarn/filament will create a spiral around the strand of fibers.


In order to house the packaged bobbins of yarn (or filament) to be wrapped, a tailor made overhead creel is needed.
The yarn will be pulled from the overhead creel to the drafting area where it will be de-centered using special guides.
To assure a precise draft of the wrapped yarn (or filament) it is essential to use the 2D “tension system”.
The system is made up of one double roller creel equipped with roller weights.

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