PCESY Attachment

Pinter Caipo Easy Slub Yarn

PCESY is the Pinter Group attachment to create slubs in the yarn.

The attachment can be installed in the ring frame or in the OE and allows the creation of slub, reverse slub (negative slub) and slub on slub.

Advantages of PCESY attachment

  • The change back to normal yarn is easily done through the 7’’ touch screen installed on the ring frame.
  • It can be retrofitted on any type of ring frame.
  • It can be retrofitted on Open End machine.
  • It can be combined with the Core yarn attachment.
  • It can be combined with the CIS injection attachment.
  • It can be upgraded to Mosaic attachment.


  • Compared to the synchro motors of the ring frames equipped with in-built slub attachments, the speed reaction of the Pinter Group’s servomotors is faster: just 5 milliseconds.
  • The Pinter Group technology improves the performance of the ring frame, allowing the creation of slubs with higher frequency and more thickness.
  • Mechanical adaptation according to the existing drafting system.
  • Electrical cabinet with cooling technology and tropicalized control board developed to work in extreme temperature conditions.
  • In-built UPS.
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