Overhead creel

Duo core yarn attachment

The Overhead Creel is the Pinter Group attachment for the production of Duo Core yarn. Duo Core yarn is a special yarn obtained combining two filaments with different elastic properties covered by staple fibres. The two filaments are fed separately and with different drafts. This operation can be done on the ring frame but a tailormade attachment is required to upgrade the machine.

 The Overhead Creel attachment has been developed to guarantee three essential qualities in the yarn:

  • Constant elasticity along the yarn.
  • Perfect centring of the filaments to obtain a good coverage of the core.
  • No filaments missing.

Composition of Overhead Creel

Soft filament creel

The creel to house the soft filament bobbins is made up of couple of unwinding rollers with the following characteristics:
- Electronically driven.
- The speed of rollers is adjustable to set the correct elasticity in filament. The speed is constant to guarantee the same elasticity in the yarn from the beginning to the end of the ring frame.
- Knurled surface to avoid bobbin slippage

Rigid or semi-elastic filament creel

In addition to the creel for soft filament bobbins, the Overhead Creel attachment has to be equipped with another creel to house the rigid or semi-elastic filament bobbins. This creel is installed on the top of the roving bobbins existing creel and the filament is pulled down through aluminium pipes. The pipes guide the filament to special guides installed in the drafting area. Note: in case of semi-elastic filament an additional tension control system is needed (the filament will be positively driven).

Bobbin lifters

Each attachment is equipped with bobbin lifters: in case of filament breakage, the operator can pull up the bobbin to avoid lapping over the unwinding rollers.

CTL guides

Patented special guides guarantee a constant elasticity and precise centring of the filaments in the yarn. These guides are connected to the traverse of the ring frame, moving together the two filaments and the roving. Due to the automatic movement there is no need to do the manual setting of the guides. Besides this, the automatic movement helps to avoid an excessive wear of the cots.

Features and Advantages

  • It can be installed on any kind of ring frame, either for short or long staple fibres.
  • It is equipped with filament breakages detectors and Roving Stop motion to ensure the presence of the filament inside the yarn.
  • It can be combined with PCESY slub attachment.
  • It can be upgraded to produce Tri Core yarn.
  • Tailor-made mechanical adaptation according to the ring frame model.
  • Electrical cabinet with cooling technologyand tropicalized control board developed to work in extreme temperature conditions.
  • In-built UPS.

The Duo Core attachment allows the production of the following kind of core yarns:

  • Soft filament covered by any spun fibre.
  • Rigid filament covered by any spun fibre.
  • Semi-elastic covered by any spun fibre.
  • Combination of soft and rigid filament covered by any spun fibre.
  • Combination of soft and semi-elastic filament covered by any spun fibre.
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