ITMA2023: Pinter Group launches the new “APR”

Throughout its almost one hundred years of history, the Pinter Group has introduced several innovative products to the market that allowed it to always be on the crest of the wave and become one of the most appreciated leaders in the spinning sector. Attachments to add value to the yarn, such as equipment to process elastane on ring frame, or equipment to create slub and injected yarn, represent only a part of the big range of products offered by Pinter Group. The Textile Industry is constantly evolving and the Italian-Spanish group has always been the ideal partner for the growth and industrialization of spinning environments, anticipating their needs and offering innovative solutions.

Pinter Group was among the first companies in the world to focus on optimizing the productivity of spinning machines by launching over the years electronic systems for detecting the status of each individual spindle, the Roving Stop motion, both included in the EffiMill Monitoring System. Thanks to these integrated systems, the group has become a world leader in its sector.

Pinter Group has therefore accepted a new challenge which will lead to ITMA23 with the introduction and launch of the innovative system for the automatic piecing of the broken yarns on the ring frame (APR).

Automatic Piecing Robot

The APR, acronymous of Automatic Piecing Robot, is an automated machine equipped with a robotic arm, compatible with most of ring frames model.

The aim of the APR is to improve the efficiency, increasing consequently the quantity of yarn produced, and reducing the workforce in the mill.

In fact, the machine is totally independent and capable of repairing the yarn breaks quickly, working 24 hours per day. Thanks to a special tool (patented by Pinter Group) and its innovative working method, the APR can handle the piecing of any fiber and yarn count.

APR is integrated in the EffiMill monitoring system, combined with the OptiFil sensors.

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