Mosaic Yarn attachment

Striped coloured yarn

The Mosaic* yarn is a new revolutionary yarn, coloured striped following a prefixed pattern.

The yarn suddenly changes colour, not by dyeing or printing but by a change of the fed roving.

The transition from one colour to the next is extremely short, less than 1 cm, so the change is clean and precise.

Advantages of Mosaic attachment

  • Repeatability of the pattern is fully guaranteed
  • The appearance in the fabric is much cleaner compared to the standard injection, without the unpleasant fibers contamination: no tails of the previous colour are dragged behind.
  • Beside striped yarn, the attachment allows the production of injected and slub yarn. These effects can be combined at the same time controlling multiple variables such as thickness, length and randomness.
  • The length of the program can be extended as long as necessary to cover one whole garment.
  • The change back to normal yarn is easily done by removing top arbours and cradles, and pushing aside bottom aprons.
  • The attachment can be retrofitted on any type of ring frame, working with short or long staple.

Mosaic attachment working principle

Two rovings are fed independently through split aprons, one at the 3rd roller and the other at the 2nd roller.

When one roving is stopped the other has to start immediately after, otherwise the yarn would break.

In order to join the end of one roving with the beginning of the other, a compact system is required to make the splicing of fibers.

The programming of the effects is carried out directly on the colour touch screen 7’’. It is possible also to program on the PC and then upload the program to the machine through an USB.

* Mosaic is a trademark of Toyota Industries Corporation.

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