Custom made spin tester

Merlin is a small ring frame to be used at your Laboratory. When yarn trials or sample lots are required, spinners have two possibilities: to stop a whole ring frame and spend long time in settings test and small production or to prepare easily the yarn program in the PC with all machine adjustments, go to Merlin, charge the program with an USB and start the production. Merlin can incorporate all Pinter Group’s attachments to develop and spinning any special yarn:

  • Slub Yarn
  • Siro Yarn
  • Injected Yarn
  • Mosaic Yarn
  • Any kind of Core Yarn

The perfect companion for development

To be used in the laboratory, in a textile institute or in the production floor with others ring frames, Merlin grants a quality production and easy operations.
Perfect for R&D centres, especially in the biggest companies, so that all research can be done under one roof.

Machine settings and programming

Merlin is fully driven by servomotors and no mechanical adjustments are required.
Preparation and changing time are drastically reduced compared to conventional ring frames.
For each sample you will have only to enter the main settings and special yarn parameters.
You will have perfectly documented all tests and settings done to an article, for an easy reproduction later on.

Technical features

  • Quantity of spindles: 24, 48 or 96.
  • Spindle gauge: 75 mm.
  • Maximum ring diameter: 55 mm.
  • Drafting system: Texparts
  • Max tube length: 260 mm.
  • Twist: from 150 to 3.500 TPM (S and Z).
  • Main draft: 12 to 80.
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