Special inner creels

Hard core yarn attachments

The Hard Core yarn is a special yarn obtained covering a rigid filament with staple fibres in the ring frame. This kind of yarn is usually used to create technical fabrics for outdoor activities or military uses. The rigid filament to be covered can be:

  • PVA
  • Glass Fibre
  • Polyester
  • Steel Filament

 The Pinter Group offers special attachments developed to guarantee essential qualities in the yarn:

  • Perfect centring of the filament to obtain a good coverage of the core.
  • No filaments missing.

Composition of Hard Core yarn creels

Patented special guides guarantee a constant elasticity and precise centring of the filament in the yarn.

These guides can be connected to the traverse of the ring frame, moving together filament and roving.

Due to the automatic movement there is no need to do the manual setting of the guides. Beside this, the automatic movement helps to avoid an excessive waste of the cots.

The creel is projected and installed with tailormade mechanical adaptation according to the ring frame model.

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