SmartDragon platform

SmartDragon is the software platform that manages and process the Data collected from machines and Laboratory Instruments in real time.

The software is based on Cloud and can export Data to customer’s ERP.
Data can also be downloaded or printed out in customized reports.

Integration with special modules

SmartDragon can be integrated with special Modules to offer the best Package according to customer’s needs:

M-Power: to monitor the power consumption of each machine.

M-Clima: to monitor the temperature and humidity values of each department.

M-Temp: to monitor the temperature of any motor of the machines and give alarms in case of overheating. Useful to do predictive maintenance.

M-Vibra: to monitor the vibrations of any motor of the machines. Useful to do predictive maintenance.

M-Air: to monitor the compressed air consumption on each machine.

M-Tv: to send Data from the SmartDragon software to any TV screen installed in the mill.

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