CIS attachment

Colour Injected Slub

CIS is the Pinter Group attachment to create injections in the yarn. It allows the creation of fancy yarns by inserting different fibres (colour or material) over a fibre base.

Advantages of CIS attachment:

  • The change back to normal yarn is easily done through the 7’’ touch screen installed on the ring frame.
  • It can be retrofitted on any type of ring frame.
  • It can be combined with the PCESY slub attachment.
  • Compact system is not required.
  • It can be upgraded to Mosaic attachment.


  • High precision servomotors of low inertia and constant torque with very direct transmission to the ring frame drafting rollers for a faster reaction.
  • Mechanical adaptation according to the existing drafting system.
  • Special condenser to guide base and injection roving in the drafting area.
  • Electrical cabinet with cooling technology and tropicalized control board developed to work in extreme temperature conditions.
  • In-built UPS.

CIS injection working principle

One roving is fed in the back (3rd) roller. This is the roving that will be injected.

The other roving is fed in the middle (2nd) roller. This is the base roving (base yarn).

The front and middle rollers are always turning to draft the base roving and create the base yarn.

The back roller will turn for a definite period of time to inject a bundle of fibres on the base roving.

The injected fibres will create a slub of a different colour on the final yarn.

Special condensers to guide the rovings. The programming of the effects is carried out directly on the colour touch screen 7’’. It is possible also to program on the PC and then upload the program to the machine through an USB.

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