• 1930

    Mr. Juan Payás Ausiró founds the company PAYAS in Manresa, Spain.

    The company starts manufacturing spindles, drafting rollers and metal accessories for the spinning industry. Some years later Mr. Payás gets a license to sell SKF products in Spain and continues his business with the aim of upgrading and reforming existing spinning machinery.

  • 1963

    Mr. Giuseppe Bolli founds the company Caipo in Biella, the city considered the cradle of the Italian textile industry.

    The company develops its business in the field of textile machinery automation to specialize over the years in the production of slubbing devices and special machinery for fancy and colored yarns.

  • 1974

    Pinter is founded as a trading company as a successor of “JUAN PAYAS S.A.”

    PINTER name comes from the acronym: Payás International. The new company is transformed into a more dynamic, export oriented, and efficient organization. The production is mostly outsourced and the critical components and assembly are verified in a smaller workshop. Pinter focuses its activities in the commercial area and in R+D. New agents are searched around the world, especially in Asia

  • 1975

    Pinter starts the manufacturing of its own products and not only components.

    For example: Core yarn and slub attachments. These products will become the main business for the company in the following years.

  • 1980


  • 1989

    Caipo CAD and Fancy tops

    CAIPO develops one of the first CAD for the textile design and the representation and creation on paper of samples of fabric made on a loom with dobby. This product receives the Award of the Italian Ministry of Research and Development. In the same year, to give answer to the necessities of the Italian fancy spinners, the “Fancy Tops” machine is launched in the market. Fancy Tops is a special draw frames that plays with different colored slivers to create fancy roving. It is the first machine in the world with such features.

  • 1999

    Pinter activity is by that time only centered in the core yarn and slubs attachments

    where a great success is achieved due to the patented V-roller guide for the Lycra.

  • 2007

    Pinter acquires Fa.Ni (Italy).

    This company is specialized in the manufacture of detection systems, roving stop devices and monitoring systems. These systems complement perfectly with the Core yarn business.

  • 2007


    Due to the importance of the Indian textile market, the LAKSHMI CAIPO INDUSTRIES Ltd is formed. This company is a Caipo joint venture with Lakshmi Ring and Travellers Ltd.

  • 2010-2012

    Pinter Service Asia (PSA) and Pinter Fani Asia (PFA)

    Pinter Service Asia (PSA) and Pinter Fani Asia (PFA) are founded in Coimbatore India, to assemble, erect and service Pinter products in the Indian market.

  • 2012

    Pinter merges with Caipo (Italy).

    This company that was once a direct competitor becomes a partner and the slubs are renewed using the best of both technologies. The name of the company then becomes PINTER CAIPO, and PINTER GROUP is founded.

  • 2015

    Pinter Group acquires Softex (Italy).

    This company is specialized in the development of software for monitoring systems. With this acquisition, the Pinter Group becomes very strong in this field and now it can offer a complete software suite not only for the spinning sector but also for the weaving and dyeing departments.

  • 2016

    A joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer creates Pinter Yuhua China.

    This company takes care of the manufacturing and marketing of monitoring systems for the Chinese market.

  • 2020

    The Pinter Group purchases the assets of Amsler Tex AG (Switzerland)

    The Pinter Group purchases the assets of Amsler Tex AG, spare parts, patents, technical know-how and commercial files.

  • 2020


    A merger by incorporation of the company PINTER FA.NI SRL into the company CAIPO AUTOMAZIONE INDUSTRIALE SRL took place and subsequently the company changed its corporate name to PINTER CAIPO ITALIA, SRL

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